Mrs Hodgetts


My Name is Mrs Hodgetts. I am a Maths and Statistics teacher at Aldersley High School in the West Midlands.

I have a degree in Maths and Statistics from Reading University, I am a qualified teacher and have a Masters in Education.

I have been teaching GCSE Statistics since 2009 and A Level Statistics since 2012.

I have also been an examiner for both GCSE and A Level Statistics since 2019.

I am well aware that these subjects are under-resourced, particularly A Level Statistics, so I have tried my best to create a site where I can collate useful links to websites, videos, examples etc for student’ to use to help alongside their courses.

Many of the resources available on this website have been created by me. However, there are some which have come from other sources. Where links are available, I have included these to the original source. In some cases, particularly the A Level work, questions have been used and adapted from old courses and other teachers online.

I have several example videos for both GCSE and A LEVEL Statistics on my YouTube Channel here

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